Pet insurance for elderly dogs proves to have challenges

Pet Insurance

As animals start to age, premiums for these policies can start to rise, but the coverage may still be worthwhile.

As a growing number of animal owners are buying pet insurance to help to cover the cost associated with veterinary care, many are discovering that premiums rise quite substantially as that beloved pooch ages and are taking the risk of cutting off their coverage at precisely the time that it is most likely to pay off.

Though the premiums do increase many owners are now finding themselves faced with an important decision.

However, all too many pet insurance policyholders are cutting off their coverage when it seems too pricy, only to discover that elderly dogs come with staggeringly high vet bills, and without a policy, the owner needs to find a way to come up with the funds on their own, or risk having to choose between the financial health of their family, or the wellbeing of their beloved animal.

Pet InsuranceThis is not a minor decision as premiums for pet insurance for some breeds can seem staggering.

Old dogs come with a considerably higher risk of health issues that will require expensive care and treatments. This is precisely why the pet insurance premiums rise as significantly as they do for the later years of an animal’s life. It isn’t unheard of for annual premiums to break the $2500 mark for breeds that are most likely to have chronic health issues or medical problems that are treatable with expensive surgeries and ongoing therapies.

At that price, many pet insurance customers are deciding against their policies, sometimes even at the recommendation of their veterinarians. Many people feel that they should cut off the plan and simply start putting money away on a regular basis so that they will have the money they need if anything should happen. Unfortunately, all too many are discovering that advances in veterinary medicine have not only helped to extend the life and wellness of dogs, but they have also caused the cost of care to skyrocket.

Therefore, many elderly dogs without pet insurance are facing being euthanized because the treatable condition that they have would cost well over $10,000. At that point, returning to the insurer is out of the question because a new policy will not be sold to an elderly dog that already has a slew of expensive health issues.

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