Pet insurance and its value as a part of dog ownership

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dog pet insuranceMany families wonder whether or not their canine companion truly needs coverage.

For many Americans, their dogs are just as much a member of the family as the humans that live in their households and, as such, they wonder if pet insurance is required in the same way that health plans would be needed for spouses and children.

Though the coverage isn’t for everyone, it is considered beneficial to most people who haven’t saved.

If you have been putting money into a savings account in order to make sure that you have the funds that could be needed not only for the regular veterinary appointments that your dog might need throughout its lifetime, but also for emergency costs and the potential need for surgery, treatments, and medications, then the odds are that pet insurance wouldn’t benefit you too greatly.

However, if you haven’t saved for your dog’s medical needs, pet insurance can go a long way.

Throughout its lifetime, dogs already cost thousands of dollars, simply to cover basic medical checkups, tests, and preventive products such as heartworm treatments, vaccinations, and anti-flea therapies. Though many dog owners are capable of covering those costs, it is the unexpected expenses that can lead to serious financial difficulties over time.

Within the current struggling economy, this can lead to the point where a family is faced with the agonizing decision of having to choose from among spending a life savings, putting themselves into debt, selling assets, or having to euthanize the animal due to the cost of the treatments that would be required to save its life.

For anyone who has had to go through this decision, the recommendation would most certainly be a wholehearted plea to take the action necessary to avoid ever having to experience such pain. In that light, either savings or pet insurance is the necessary solution. Organizations across the country – as well as around the world – such as the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) are recommending that animal owners take these measures and that they do so as early as possible, before the problems occur and the money is needed to cover the costs.

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