Owners of high value Louisiana homes can now choose customized P&C insurance coverage from PURE

Louisiana Homeowners InsurancePrivilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) has revealed that has enhanced its offerings for customized coverage through property and casualty insurance for homeowners of high-value, well-built Louisiana houses.

According to the chief executive officer and president of PURE, Ross Buchmueller, two of the primary reasons that PURE is so keen to bring its customized services into the personal insurance marketplace in the state is because of the unprecedented investments that have been recently been made into the protection infrastructure of New Orleans and its surrounding area, as well as the professionalism and sophistication of the leading insurance brokers and agents in the state.

He went on to say that the insurer, as well as its selected partner agents, have an understanding of the unique requirements for protection of the homes in Louisiana that have a higher value. He explained that “many homeowners are likely underserved by standard insurers,” and that a chosen group of successful and responsible owners of these homes “may now rely on PURE to provide high-quality property-casualty insurance coverage.”

Currently, PURE is already providing coverage to over 13,000 successful customers through their insurance for private fleet auto, high-value homes, jewelry and fine art collections, watercraft, and personal excess liability. The insurer offers a number of different policy lines for a comprehensive and affordable solution to the needs of affluent people within 30 American markets.

PURE is a strong advocate of improvements that would mitigate hurricane damage, as a member of the Institute for Building and Home Safety, and it offers significant discounts in premiums for policyholders who have taken these steps to reduce the chance of loss in this type of catastrophic event.

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