Online insurance brand Protect Your Bubble is released in the United States

Travel InsuranceA new online insurance brand called Protect Your Bubble has had its initial American launch today, with the backing of a Fortune 500 company and the intention to provide modern consumers with the additional choices they need to protect the things that are important in their lives at a given moment, such as pets, travel, and gadgets.

According to the Europe and North America Protect Your Bubble president, Stephen Ebbett, when consumers think about insurance, they usually call to mind health, life, homeowner, and auto coverage. However, he also pointed out that times have changed, and the needs of consumers have changed with them, altering the types of things that these consumers want to protect.

Ebbett explained that “We’ve identified moments and possessions that mean a great deal to today’s consumer and plan to educate the market that they can now protect them.”

Protect Your Bubble has taken a unique perspective of the needs of the modern consumer, realizing that they are different now than they were even a handful of years ago. They pointed out that gadgets are not only more mobile, prevalent, and essential than they were a short time ago, but animals are now considered family members, and travel and vacation time is considered to be more precious than ever before.

Though these issues can all have a significant impact on a consumer’s life, these individuals still don’t realize how affordable it is to cover all of these important elements with various different specialty forms of insurance. It is Protect Your Bubble’s hope to change that.

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