Ongoing reimbursement battle may negatively affect health insurance policyholders

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Blue Cross Blue Shield and Hendrick Health System continue to fight over reimbursement in Texas

Texas Health InsuranceBlue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has been locked in a fight over reimbursement rates with Hendrick Health System for several months now. Officials at Hendrick health System claim that the organization is due reimbursement from the insurance company, but Blue Cross Blue Shield argues that it is not liable for any reimbursements at this time. As the two organizations continue to fight over the issue, policyholders may actually end up being the ones that suffer most.

Ongoing battle may have a negative impact on 10,000 policyholders throughout the state

The two organizations have until June 30 to resolve the matter. If they fail to reach a resolution by that time, Hendrick Health System will no longer be a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s network in Texas. This means that some 60 health care facilities, each representing a large number of medical care providers, will no longer be available to the insurer’s policyholders. An estimated 10,000 policyholders, whom account for 10% of Hendrick’s patients, would be affected by this.

Negotiations between the two parties remain tense

Negotiations between the two organizations have proven to be quite difficult. Hendrick officials note that leaving the Blue Cross Blue Shield network is considered a last resort option, but if the insurer continues to fight against reimbursement, there may be no other alternative. Currently, there is no dollar amount set concerning the reimbursement that Hendrick is potentially due, as negotiations between the two organizations have made little progress.

Drama may push some to seek out new health insurance providers

The drama surrounding the issue has been poorly received by consumers, but all the details concerning the matter are not currently available. Some consumers may be encouraged to seek out coverage through the Texas health insurance exchange if the matter is not resolved effectively. If the matter remains unresolved, many people will have to find new doctors that are covered by their health insurance policies. For some, this would not be worth the money that they pay to Blue Cross Blue Shield, and they will seek out a new insurance provider.

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