Omaha Hospitals receive money from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Omaha Health CareTwo Omaha hospitals have received money from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska in order to help those medical care centers to offer their patients better care, and to improve their outcomes following surgery.

The hospitals that were the recipients of the funds were Methodist Hospital and Creighton University Medical Centre. They each received $35,000 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. This money has been designated to fund the licensing fees for the facilities, so that they will be able to take part in an improvement program that is being offered by the American College of Surgeons. This program is designed to assist medical care facilities so that they can discover the post operative risk factors that exist within their centers, and then create solutions that will help to reduce associated problems such as mortality rates and other issues.

The medical director at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, William Minier, stated that the reason the insurance company gave the money to the two hospitals was to help the organization to achieve its goal to support local hospitals in their efforts to better the care that they are able to provide their patients.

The contribution from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska was able to cover the entire year’s worth of program fees for 2011, as well as a portion of the fee for 2012 and 2012, so that Creighton University Medical Center and Methodist hospital will be able to continue their participation throughout that time.

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