Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner has started the wildfire damage assessment

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Oklahoma fires 2012

The massive fires have caused tremendous insured losses.

The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner has had nothing but applause and praise for the firefighters that have been battling the many wildfires throughout the state that have raged out of control.

Commissioner John Doak visited both Creek and Luther Counties this weekend.

That was the start of the ongoing process for assessing the damage that will be claimed by Oklahoma insurance policyholders. The wildfires were devastating, having destroyed many homes in the state. Those homeowners are now awaiting the results of these assessments, as are business owners who have also faced destruction.

It feels as though the entire Oklahoma insurance industry is awaiting the reports from these investigations.

According to Doak “With these three fires kind of converging and the difference of the wind conditions here tonight, it’s gonna be a bit interesting here later, so this is gonna be something to watch.”

The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner has been extremely busy ever since, receiving briefings on the wildfires that continue to burn their way across the state. He has also been making regular reports to Governor Fallin.

Doak explained that “I know this is very high on her list,” when talking about relaying the information to the state governor. He said that “She was in Luther this morning and I imagine she’s gonna be making an appearance in this area to see the damage and assess the damage.”

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Doak has reminded homeowners of the importance of contacting an insurance agent as soon as possible instead of waiting for the report. This way, if the homeowners policy covers temporary housing, then they can receive payments as early as possible.

It is important to recognize that Oklahoma insurance policyholders will be assisted in order of urgency. In conditions such as widespread wildfires and other natural disasters, insurers must first help the customers who have had their homes destroyed or damaged to the point that they have been rendered unlivable. They can then proceed to provide assistance to those who have experienced damage that has left the homes livable, but still in need of repairs.

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