Obama launches new campaign to put down health insurance confusion

Obama Health Insurance

Confusion concerning health insurance continues to grow among consumers

The saga of the Affordable Care Act is beginning to grow more tempestuous as the law inches closer to January 1, 2014, the day it will be fully enacted. President Barack Obama, who has been the champion of the health care law since it was passed in 2010, has launched a new campaign to promote the various aspects of the law. The campaign is meant to shed more light on Obamacare — a term for the Affordable Care Act that President Obama has been using to favorably denote the law — as well as waylay some of the concerns that people may have concerning the future of health insurance.

Obama takes action to offset confusion before law is fully enacted

The Affordable Care Act has introduced several changes to the health insurance industry of the U.S. Some of these changes have not been well received, while others are simply misunderstood. The changes introduced by the law have successfully caused many people to become more involved in health insurance and politics, but these changes have also bred rampant confusion among consumers. The majority of the changes to be introduced through the Affordable Care Act will not take form until after January 1, 2014, however, Obama Health Insuranceand President Obama is keen to put down any further confusion that these changes may cause before the law becomes fully enacted.

Health insurance exchanges highlighted by Obama campaign

Much of Obama’s new campaign highlights health insurance exchanges and how these state-based systems will make coverage more available to consumers around the country. The federal law requires that states host a health insurance exchange and Obama claims that these online insurance marketplaces will make it easier for people to find the coverage that they need. The President suggests that these systems will serve as a health insurance enhancement for those that already have coverage, while making it easier for those without coverage to find the policies appropriate for their needs.

Financial support also highlighted in campaign

The campaign focuses on many aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but Obama has also been drawing attention to the how that is involved in making it easier for people to acquire the health insurance coverage they need. According to the federal law, those that fall below a poverty line established by the government will be eligible for federal subsidies that will help offset the costs of health insurance policies, if not cover these costs completely.