Obama administration’s nationwide health insurance framework

Health Care Reform NewsThe federal government has – through the announcement of a framework for the Obama administration’s basic benefits package for Americans who are privately insured –made public its decision to play a vital role in the healthcare of the country, and the reforms it has made to it.

The Institute of Medicine, a non-government, independent organization, has released a report with the guidelines for what is called the “essential benefits package”, as well as the way in which it will be kept affordable for both taxpayers and small businesses, while it also remains up to date on a scientific level.

Approximately 68 million individuals, many of whom are currently insured, will eventually be impacted by this new direction. This is more than the number of senior citizens who are currently benefitting from the Medicare program.

The advisors at the Institute of Medicine have suggested that the package be created on mid-level health insurance plans that are offered by small businesses, and that they should be broadened so that they can include additional services and yet still fit within a realistic budget.

They did not recommend a specific list of services that should be included, but did advise the government to demand proof of cost-effectiveness.

According to director Elizabeth McGlynn of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Effectiveness and Safety Research, when fiscal responsibility is discussed these days, “it’s a report that recognized that we have to take account of what we can afford while trying to make sure that people have adequate coverage.”

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