NRA gun insurance launches for owners shooting in self defense

NRA gun insurance policy

The new policies are designed to cover legal fees for acquitted cases and clean-up costs as well.

The National Rifle Association has announced a new NRA gun insurance policy to cover Americans who want coverage in case they shoot in self defense. The policies will cover the clean-up of the scene.

That said, legal fee reimbursement is issued only if the case finishes with an acquittal for a ruling.

This NRA gun insurance policy is only the latest in the association’s efforts to ensure the rights of people who want to carry firearms. They have previously battled for legislation to allow firearm owners to carry those weapons in public. Moreover, they have also worked to pass laws making it legal for those owners to shoot someone they perceive to be a threat, even if it would otherwise be possible to retreat. This new coverage is meant to provide financial protection for Americans who choose to take that shot if they are threatened and defend themselves.

The reason for the NRA gun insurance is that exercising the right to shoot can be quite costly for firearm owners.

NRA gun insurance policyThe association launched this new insurance policy with an explanation that it is meant to help cover the expenses associated with shooting another person. This new NRA insurance policy has been called the Carry Guard product. There are three different coverage tiers from which to choose.

It is meant only for customers who shoot in self defense and who are acquitted in court. The reason, says the association, is that it provides those gun owners with the financial support they need to be able to exercise their gun ownership rights.

The first tier is a liability insurance policy, which provides up to $150,000 in criminal-defense legal cost reimbursements. The top tier also provides up to $1 million in civil liability protection. That Gold package of coverage costs $31.95 per month. Moreover, policyholders can access a 24 hour advice hotline in addition to immediate bail money access and funds to cover clean-up expenses.

The Carry Guard NRA gun insurance has been created to replace a previous policy offered by the association. That coverage was less comprehensive than the current version.

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