Now is the time to prepare cars for safe winter driving for auto insurance savings

Auto insuranceThe winter driving season can be a dangerous one and the increased odds of an accident due to the driving conditions can negatively affect the premiums that are paid for car insurance.

According to Tammy Ezer, “Proper preparation for winter weather and road conditions reduces the risk of an accident and may also earn you a better insurance rate,” so it therefore makes sense to put a little bit of time and money into those preparations in order to save a great deal more of it overall.

There are a few simple steps that can make a big difference to the premiums a driver must pay to insure their vehicles. These include:

• Winter tires – purchase four good quality winter tires (even if your vehicle is only two-wheel drive) to ensure the best possible traction regardless of the road conditions. Some insurers will offer discounts for winter tires only when four have been purchased. Ensure that the tires fit the car properly for best possible function and check their pressure regularly.

• Private parking – whenever possible, park the car indoors, on a private driveway, or inside a private parking garage. They are less likely to be involved in a collision than those parked on-street.

• Careful driving, and driving according to conditions.

• Preparing the entire vehicle for winter conditions, including:

 Changing all of the vehicle’s fluids and adding antifreeze
 Checking the tire tread
 Checking and repairing the braking systems
 Updating the vehicle’s routine maintenance

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