Not Happy With Homeowners Insurance – How to Compare Quotes

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Homeowners Insurance DiscountsIf you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you have to shop around first.

Getting the best deal and the best coverage both depend on comparison shopping. It’s easy, just as long as you know where to start.

Go With What You Have

As you begin looking for homeowners insurance, stick with what you know. Talk to the company that carries your car insurance first, to see if they have any viable options or recommendations. They might even offer bundling opportunities. If you rent your home, then the company carrying your renters insurance may likewise have options available.

Research Your Area

Next, start looking at which insurance companies are most popular in your area. Some companies don’t cater to certain areas, so you can’t necessarily go by the commercials you see on TV. You should also talk to family members, friends, and neighbors in the area. At the very least, they may introduce you to their insurance brokers, so that you can either ask for advice, get a recommendation, or even make them your first choice.

Start Comparison Shopping

Ideally, before you ever settle on a policy, you need to compare different quotes. There are several websites that make it easy to compare homeowners insurance quotes, so that you can quickly find the best deal. Talking to adjusters is often helpful as well. Make some appointments with different companies so that you can either visit in person or talk to someone on the phone. Have a checklist with you, with information about your age, income, address, and the status of your home. Remember, if you’re trying to insure a vacation home or a second home, there are different needs.

Discuss Discounts, Inclusions and Exclusions

As you start obtaining quotes, you have to ask the tough questions. More often than not, brokers are happy to give you information about how to save money or receive discounts. However, you should always ask as well; don’t leave anything up to chance. Find out the specifics for your home as well, making sure to mention if it’s a duplex, a townhouse, a condo, or a simple single-family dwelling. All these factors matter and can easily make a difference in your insurance rate.

Get What You Need

Before making your final choice, have a list of two or three insurance companies that look good to you. These are your top choices. As you start negotiating with new insurance agents, discuss what type of coverage you need. Sometimes, policies protect you against risks that aren’t really risks. For example, you don’t need protection against tornadoes if you’re not in a high-risk area. Similarly, don’t pay for jewelry protection if you don’t own any valuables. Skipping those types of coverage saves you money in the long run.

So much goes into finding a good insurance policy, you have to research and work hard. Know your facts and do some digging; you’ll easily find an excellent, affordable policy

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