North Dakota consumers win with flood insurance legislation

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New legislation makes changes to North Dakota flood insurance policies

Legislation has been passed in North Dakota that changes the effective date of flood insurance policies throughout the state. Last year, many homeowners purchased or upgraded flood insurance policies in the Flood Insurancewake of flooding in the Missouri River. Those purchasing policies after the disaster struck had feared that their newly bought coverage would not cover the damage that had been done to their homes and properties. Thanks to new legislation, their policies may now actually provide them with the coverage they were hoping for.

Many consumers considered ineligible due to FEMA technicality

Governor Jack Darlymple announced this week that new legislation concerning the National Flood Insurance Program retroactively changes the effective date of many of the state’s flood insurance policies. Originally, May 1, 2011 was the deadline for homeowners to purchase flood insurance coverage. Many of these consumers did not qualify for coverage due to a technicality highlighted by FEMA regarding actions taken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during the flooding of the Missouri River.

Many consumers now eligible for flood insurance benefits

Now, the effective date of flood insurance policies in North Dakota has been changed to June 6, 2011, allowing many homeowners to receive benefits if they were victims of the flooding disaster. Those whose homes were not damaged during the 30-day period following their acquisition of insurance protection will now be considered eligible for benefits from their insurance provider. The legislation passed in North Dakota also notes that flood insurance was not necessary in “residual risk” areas of the state, which are already receiving federal protection.

Consumers advised to get in touch with their coverage providers

As always, consumers are being encouraged to investigate their flood insurance policies to ensure they are adequately protected. Those with questions regarding their coverage are advised to contact their insurance provider in order to rectify any issues they may be having. Private insurers offering flood insurance coverage are tasked with contacting consumers within the next few weeks to inform them of their eligibility for benefits.

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