New Yorkers can now prove they have auto insurance with their smartphones

auto insurance premiums car mobile smartphone

Another state has now joined the growing number across the country allowing for electronic proof formats.

According to a recent announcement from a spokesperson from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the state has now implemented a regulation that will make it possible for drivers to be able to show their proof of auto insurance either in the traditional way with a paper card, or in an electronic format that can be displayed on mobile device screens.

The new proof of insurance regulation has actually been in effect since April 29.

The purpose of the new regulation for auto insurance proof of coverage was created in order to make it easier for drivers across New York to be able to show that they do have the legally required liability protection. The law in the state says that any time a vehicle is operated, its driver must be able to provide this proof of coverage. However, the reality of the situation is that these cards can sometimes be difficult to find in a timely manner, which has led many people to have to face unnecessary court dates to prove that they truly did have liability policies at the time that they were required to show it.

The electronic auto insurance cards may help to reduce frustrations and court backlogs, alike.

auto insurance car mobile smartphoneInsurance companies that are hoping to participate in this electronic format will need to undergo certification testing before it will be approved by the DMV. There has already been a list of specifications issued by the DMV so that insurers will know how they will need to comply so that they will become certified.

The DMV has also provided an email address at which interested car insurance companies will be able to obtain all of the information that they need in order to provide their customers with acceptable forms of electronic proof cards. This will also give them the information required in terms of the technical requirements that are laid out in the Commissioner Rules & Regulations (Part 32), which also apply to the paper cards (except for the elements of the regulations that simply don’t apply to one format or the other due to their very nature).

The electronic form of proof of auto insurance coverage is permitted to be displayed on mobile devices and the details of those regulations are defined in the Vehicle and Traffic Law of the state (paragraph (a) of subdivision two of section 1225-d).

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