New York single payer health care gets Cynthia Nixon’s Nod

Single-Player Health Care in NY - Cynthia Nixon - YouTube Screencap

The state governor candidate has endorsed it as a component of her challenge against Gov. Cuomo.

Candidate for New York Governor, Cynthia Nixon, has added her endorsement to a state-wide single payer health care system. This strategy is meant to build her challenge against Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

Nixon released a video in which she described the health care system and why she believes in it.

“Health care should be a human right, not a privilege for those who can afford it,” said Nixon in her video discussing single payer health care. “When I’m governor, we’ll pass the New York Health Act and create a single-payer, Medicare-for-all-system that covers every New Yorker.”

This type of Medicare for all style is becoming increasingly popular in the Democratic Party. A growing number of gubernatorial candidates are discussing single payer health care on a state level. The New York governor candidate has solidly endorsed this form of health care system as have Maryland’s Ben Jealous and California’s Gavin Newsom.

Single payer health insurance is not without its range of challenges, just like the current system.

The concept of transitioning to a government run health insurance system at the state level will certainly have a string of challenges that would need to be overcome. Among them includes the way in which the system would be funded.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I) has previously attempted to establish a state run single payer system for health care. That said, as funding challenges piled up in this Vermont effort, it was shut down.

Nixon’s rival, Governor Cuomo, has also stated that he is open to a single payer style system, according to a report from The Hill. That said, according to Cuomo, this type of health care makes more sense at the federal level. In fact, last September, Cuomo said: “If they were to pass it and it was not incongruous with what the federal government would do to us, I think it’s a very exciting possibility.”

Supporters of single payer health care say that if the government would establish health care prices and axe Single-Player Health Care in NY - Cynthia Nixon - YouTube Screencapadministrative costs occurring as a result of a spectrum of insurance companies, systemic costs would fall. Nixon is now calling to take “on the greed of Big Pharma and insurance companies who make billions off of human suffering.” She then added: “Single-payer health care in New York isn’t a pipe dream.”

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