New website allows Nevada consumers to review and respond to health insurance rate increases

Online Health InsuranceThe Division of Insurance in Nevada has announced the launch of the new Nevada Health Rate Review website that is available to consumers and small businesses in the state, to allow them to review health insurance rate hikes, as well as leave their own comments.

The website was created in order to comply with a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which began September 1, 2011.

This federal law demands that the state offer a way for small businesses and consumers to leave their comments regarding rate hikes that have been proposed by insurers. Any changes in rates for small business, individual, or HMO policies are required to be submitted to the Division of Insurance for approval.

When insurers propose a change in their rates, this application will be posted on the website by the division. It will be accompanied by a summary of the requested changes as well as any supporting documents. From that time, visitors to the website will have 60 days in which to review the posting and leave their comments. Comments may be left publicly or privately.

According to the public information officer of the division, Jake Sunderland, there will be a daily review of the comments by a division actuary, and they will be included in the final rate change application.

The state is not required to analyze the comments, but the division has stated that regardless of the fact that they are not legally obligated to do so, they will be reviewing them and using them to help make their final decisions. Sunderland said that this is only one of the methods the state intends to use to go “above and beyond the law.”

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