New Missouri laws could help residents and insurers during natural disasters

Missouri Property Insurance LawsNew insurance laws have been enacted in the state of Missouri this week. The laws come as a result of several devastation storms that ravaged parts of the state earlier this year. State insurance regulators say that the laws will afford new protections to residents concerned with damages caused by storms. The laws will also protect residents against opportunistic contractors with less-than-altruistic motives. Insurers will also benefit from the laws as it will enable them to better assist in the recover process.

The first law, Senate Bill 101, will bar contracting companies from paying a clients insurance deductible. Some companies participate in the practice as a way to secure business, but that can often leave homeowners open to backlash from insurers and regulators. This law will also prevent contractors from engaging in negations with insurance companies directly or indirectly on behalf of their client.

The second law, Senate Bill 132, allows insurance companies to establish mobile centers in areas affected by natural disasters. These centers will help disaster victims file claims and offer guidance on what else can be done to recover from the events of a natural disaster. The law also makes it illegal for any entity, political or otherwise, to interfere with the establishment of these temporary service centers.

These two laws are expected to prove beneficial to the state as a whole and may provide some stability and peace-of-mind in the wake of future catastrophes.

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