New health insurance plan coming to North Carolina

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Carolinas HealthCare System set to introduce new insurance plan with the aid of Blue Cross

Carolinas HealthCare System has announced that it is collaborating with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in order to offer a new health insurance plan for individuals. The plan is called BlueLocal and will be available to consumers beginning on January 1, 2015. The insurance plan is specifically designed for those under the age of 65 that want to receive their medical care through Carolinas HealthCare System and its affiliated medical professionals.

BlueLocal is set to be sold through the North Carolina insurance exchange

BlueLocal will be available through North Carolina’s health insurance exchange. Consumers will also be able to purchase the plan directly from Blue Cross, if they desire. The plan will offer coverage for a full range of health care services and will be accepted by more than 900 locations affiliated with Carolinas HealthCare System. The plan will cover preventative care as well, such as immunizations and health screenings. Patients with chronic illnesses, like diabetes and certain heart conditions, will also have some of their medical care covered by the insurance plan.

Plan is meant to provide consumers with more options when they are shopping for insurance coverage

Releigh, Capital of North Carolina, health insuranceThe plan is meant to give consumers more options when it comes to insurance coverage. As the health care field continues to change, consumers are encountering new challenges when it comes to the policies they have and the medical care they want. Demand for comprehensive coverage has grown significantly over the past few years and this demand has been augmented by the launch of insurance exchanges.

Plan will be available in four tiers

Carolinas HealthCare System believes that its new insurance plan will be quite valuable for consumers throughout North Carolina. The plan will not offer catastrophic coverage, however, and will be available in four tiers, much like the insurance plans being sold through the state’s exchange. The cost of the plan will depend on which tier is being purchased. Higher tiers will be more expensive, but will also offer better benefits than lower tier plans.

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