New health insurance company aims to revolutionize health care in New York

New York Health Insurance

Newly formed health insurance company will debut with New York’s insurance exchange

A new health insurance company is set to make its debut when New York’s insurance exchange, called New York State of Health, begins open enrollment on October 1. The company is called, simply, Oscar, and aims to take a new approach on how coverage is offered to consumers throughout the state. The company was founded by Josh Kushner, Kevis Nazemi, and Mario Schlosser, all of whom have participated in entrepreneurial ventures in the technology industry.

Company aims to dispel confusion concerning insurance coverage

One of the goals of the new health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA company is to dispel the confusion that exists in the health care sector. The company believes that many people are confused by the various aspects of their insurance policies. It can be difficult to understand the benefits some policies over and the types of coverage that these policies are lacking. It can also be difficult for consumers to understand what physicians they have access to and the costs associated with visiting a doctor that is not part of an insurance company’s network. Oscar aims to establish a layer of translation across the whole of the health care sector in the hopes of making health insurance information more clearly understood by consumers.

New York Health InsuranceOscar works to make insurance information more accessible

Oscar is taking some lessons learned from the social networking space. When consumers make use of the company’s website, their medical information will be displayed in a fashion similar to content on Facebook. The services offered by the company will be accessible through mobile devices as well in order to accommodate smartphone and tablet users. Through the company’s website, users will be able to find insurance information spanning several years, including claims that they may have filed for medical care.

Ambitious services could attract many consumers

One of the most ambitious services that Oscar is offering is called “tele-doc.” This service allows consumers to connect with a doctor at any time of day. When using the service, Oscar guarantees that a medical professional will contact a consumer within one hour. The company believes that putting consumers in touch with health care providers is a common sense solution to a common problem that many people have with their current health insurance providers.

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