New Hampshire insurance exchange won’t lose any insurers in 2018

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Regardless of the uncertainty in the industry, all companies have indicated their intent to return.

The New Hampshire insurance exchange won’t be following the trend of states losing insurers next year. Instead, the marketplace has managed to hang on to the companies currently selling health plans there.

The uncertainty regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act caused doubts in some states.

There are four insurers selling on the New Hampshire insurance exchange and each have now submitted their applications to do so next year. The New Hampshire Insurance Department issued a press release that confirmed the receipt of those initial filings. It stated that the insurance companies would continue to offer both medical and dental plans on the N.H. insurance marketplace in 2018 through the ACA.

Approximately 92,000 people have health plan coverage through the New Hampshire insurance exchange.

New Hampshire insurance exchange healthIndividuals whose health plan comes from their employer or through other private companies are not directly affected by changes to the Affordable Care Act or the New Hampshire Marketplace.

The press release showed that Anthem, NH Healthy Families’ Ambetter, Minuteman Health and Harvard Pilgrim have all filed to continue selling individual policies. Moreover, three out of the four insurers will continue selling small group plans to businesses employing fewer than fifty people through via the Small Business Health Options program. It was Ambetter that is not a part of that component of the marketplace.

Delta Dental and Anthem will continue to sell their dental insurance policies in New Hampshire next year.

This news is quite positive in New Hampshire at the same time that many other states find themselves losing insurance companies from their own exchanges. At least four other American states now have either only one company or no companies selling on their marketplaces for 2018.

The application filing for the New Hampshire insurance exchange does not yet include the rate proposals. Proposed rate filings are submitted by June 2, 2017. Among the 38 states participating in the Health Insurance Marketplace, New Hampshire experienced the lowest average rate increase in 2017 for the health plans sold through the Affordable Care Act.

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