New Allstate jobs abound as State Farm lays off more workers

allstate jobs

Allstate will be hiring 800 new people throughout the American Northwest and Washington state.

Even as State Farm layoffs continue, the number of new Allstate jobs available will see a sharp spike this year. The national insurer will be hiring 600 people throughout the Northwestern states as well as an additional 200 people in Washington state.

This has occurred as State Farm faces the challenges of relocating some positions while cutting others.

State Farm recently announced that it would be fully closing its downtown Tacoma operations.

At the same time, Allstate jobs are on the rise. A company media representative, Frank Clauser, explained that “We’re actually going the other direction.”

The new jobs at Allstate Insurance range from sales positions to those in service. The postings and their descriptions are available on the insurance company’s official website. It appears to be more than just a little serious about its intentions to hire new people as it is offering a cash reward for certain quality referrals.

Referrals that lead to filled Allstate jobs can bring a reward of up to $10,000 to members of the general public.

allstate jobsTop payouts go to people who find Allstate new viable and eligible agency owner candidates. Allstate’s employment announcement stated “Allstate is offering up to a $10,000 award to any member of the general public who refers an eligible agency owner candidate to Allstate. The referral award is payable shortly after appointment.”

The website provides an email address for people interested in finding an insurance job with the company. Moreover, candidates who want to become insurance agency owners can discover more about what that involves at

The hiring binge appears to be in response to rising consumer demand for Allstate home and auto insurance products, as well as their financial planning and advising options. This increasing demand for products and services has boosted the company’s requirement “for compassionate and dedicated individuals in roles within Allstate agencies; including customer service and sales positions,” according to Allstate strategic deployment leader Rich Vancer Weyst.

The Allstate jobs will be available in several locations throughout the aforementioned regions of the country.

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