Nevada’s new health insurance enrollment system to stop next year

las vegas nevada health insurance enrollment system

The state’s technical problems with the system have forced it to need to shut down in 2019.

The original Nevada health insurance enrollment system put into place by the end of 2014 had serious glitches. Those glitches caused many people to suffer unnecessary additional health care expenses.

The problem with the original health plan enrollment service was in its record keeping.

Thousands of people across Nevada complained that their policies were not kept up to date through the health plan enrollment service. Their coverage was cancelled for non-payment, despite the fact that many of them had paid and their records were incomplete.

As a result, that original Nevadan system was replaced with a hybrid. The new health care marketplace worked together with the federal system. This way, residents of Nevada could use to purchase the health plans they needed under the Affordable Care Act. Overall, this new system worked far more smoothly than the previous one.

However, the new health insurance enrollment system came with a number of expenses.

Moreover, the expenses associated with the health insurance exchange continue to rise. Recent predictions were that by 2020, the insurance marketplace would cost $12,000,000 to run. That figure is more expensive than the state can afford. It would drive the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange into insolvency.

Therefore, Nevada is now seeking to return to its own state-based health insurance exchange. This will eliminate the most recent version of the enrollment system. The goal is to replace it with one the state can actually afford.

Nevada will soon open itself up to vendor bids for setting up the new platform and system. Once that is established, residents of Nevada will use it to purchase their health plans under the ACA.

“So there is president in other states. Another state Idaho specifically has migrated from CMS or using fully, to becoming their own state-based market places. We are confident we will be able to get the data that will allow us to do the same functions that would do,” said Heather Korbulic from the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

This fall, Nevada will still be using the federal health insurance enrollment system.

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