Nevada moves to raise awareness concerning health insurance

Nevada health insurance commissioner State Legislature Building

Health insurance awareness becoming a top priority for states

The Affordable Care Act has effectively changed the health care landscape of the U.S. The changes that the law has introduced have been met with controversy and harsh criticisms since the law’s passage in 2010, but the Affordable Care Act has yet to be rebuked in any significant fashion. Per the law, states have been working to build health insurance exchanges that will provide consumers with more options when it comes to the coverage they need. While some states have opted not to build their own exchange system, the task of informing citizens of these exchanHealth insurance Nevada State Legislature Buildingges is still the responsibility of these states.

State agency launches new website

The Nevada Division of Insurance has announced the launch of a new website that is meant to provide state residents with information concerning the health insurance exchange that will be taking form in the state. The website itself will contain a great deal of information concerning the exchange, such as the types of coverage that can be found therein and the insurance companies backing its various policies. The exchange will not be the sole focus of the website, of course, as it will also provide information concerning the various provisions of the Affordable Care Act as a whole.

Information may be key to understanding health insurance changes

The federal health care law has already introduced several changes to the health insurance field. Many of the law’s most drastic reforms will not take effect until January 1, 2014, and many of these provisions remain relatively unknown to consumers and businesses throughout the country. When these provisions become active, they may cause some degree of confusion among consumers and businesses, which is why states throughout the country have been making aggressive efforts to raise awareness concerning these provisions.

Website considered ideal way to distribute information

The Division of Insurance believes that a website may be the best way to distribute pertinent information regarding the Affordable Care Act to consumers throughout Nevada. The website contains a vast amount of resources regarding health insurance and how the federal law will introduce new regulations to the health insurance sector in the coming year.