Negligent parking makes insurance news as innocent drivers pay the price

A recent study is making insurance news as it indicates that the cost of collisions has now added £1.3 million worth of damage to cars –

Auto-accident-statisticsA cost which must eventually be paid through the premiums of policyholders.

Moreover, the study showed that only 1 in every 6 drivers said that they would leave their insurance information for the damaged car owner, and among them, 45 percent said that they would do so only if it looked like the damage was serious. Most of the careless parking incidents appeared to have occurred in situations where drivers had to pull out of a parking spot into a tight space, and when they are typically in a hurry.

The result of this behavior is that the victims are generally forced to pay for repair costs. On average, the victims were forced to pay £1800 to repair the damages caused by these people who hit parked cars and then leave without leaving their information. They then risk losing further because they risk losing the no-claim discount they may have previously received. Moreover, the innocent drivers will generally need to pay an additional “excess” charge.

Experts in the insurance industry are suggesting that drivers be very cautious about where they choose to park. They recommend that tight spots be avoided, as other cars may try to fit in next, increasing the opportunity for damage to occur.

At the same time, though, it has still been acknowledged that in the majority of cases, the damage to the vehicles of innocent drivers was unavoidable on their part. This is becoming increasingly true, as the limited parking in busy areas are a breeding ground for this type of accident. At the same time, though, if it is possible to park in a place where there are wider spaces or where it is easier for people to pull in and out of the spots, then it is better to choose the safer option for the vehicle.

The study also indicated that most of the time this happens to vehicles when the owner is not present. Though the owner may return to see the damage, there typically aren’t any contact details left by the guilty party.

Article:Negligent parking makes insurance news as innocent drivers pay the price
Article Source: Live Insurance News
Author: Shawn Nordstrom

Negligent parking makes insurance news as innocent drivers pay the price

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