National Flood Insurance Program payouts reach $6.5 million in Georgia

Hurricane Matthew national flood insurance program

Residents of the state have now received payments for many of the 1,054 claims made following Matthew.

Georgia victims of Hurricane Matthew have now received over $6.5 million in payouts from the National Flood Insurance Program. There were a total of 1,054 claims filed with the federal flooding program by the time November came to an end.

Over $2.5 million had already been paid to residents in partial or advance payments.

This amount was deducted from the total $6.5 million in payouts that are expected to be made from the National Flood Insurance Program to Georgia storm victims. On a wider scale, the five states that were affected by Hurricane Matthew saw a significantly larger payout from the program.

Georgia, in combination with Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, recorded claims to NFIP worth over $162 million in total. This was payment for 20,751 in claims that were filed throughout those five states. Of that payment total, $64.4 million was made in advance payments.

People who have their own coverage did not file claims with the National Flood Insurance Program.

Hurricane Matthew national flood insurance programResidents who have flood insurance policies who have yet to file a claim for damage from Hurricane Matthew are encouraged to do so. They have been advised to file a “Notice of Flood Loss,” with their insurance companies. For every claim made, homeowners will also need to submit a “Proof of Loss.” That document is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website. That filing must be made within 60 days of initially experiencing the loss.

Following the claim and the submission of that form, insurance company adjusters will require photo documentation of the damage. They will also request any relevant documents, such as contractor bids for repairs. Should the policyholder not match the expectations of the policyholders, the customer is entitled to request an explanation of the assessment. They also have the right to file an appeal as per the process described in the Flood Insurance Claims Handbook. That document can be obtained through an insurance agent.

The process for those claiming under the National Flood Insurance Program and under private coverage are not necessarily the same.

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