Motorcycle insurance discounts make a difference with anti-theft devices

Motorcycle insurance discounts Bikers Waves Riding Harley Davidson

Riders who are looking to save money have spotted a fantastic way to reduce their premiums.

Finding the best motorcycle insurance discounts can be one of the best ways to save money. That said, some provide a greater savings than others. The majority of states require riders to carry a certain amount of coverage. That can be very affordable or quite expensive depending on the individual, where they live and the bike being insured.

Riders are now finding that anti-theft devices are proving to be a fantastic investment in insurance savings.

While many riders buy anti-theft devices to protect their machines, not for the motorcycle insurance discounts, the savings can’t be ignored. Many insurance companies are offering a worthwhile reduction in premiums for riders of motorcycles, scooters and even mopeds. At the same time, it’s important to know that not all anti-theft devices are considered adequate for a discount.

Motorcycle insurance companies each have their own regulations with regards to the way discounts are issued. Therefore, before purchasing a device with savings in mind, it’s a good idea to ask your insurer first.

Typically speaking, tracking and disabling systems provide 10 percent motorcycle insurance discounts.

Motorcycle insurance discounts Bikers Waves Riding Harley DavidsonThe average motorcycle insurance premium in the United States is about $519. When taking that into account, a 10 percent discount is quite an appealing savings, particularly over time. Moreover, location tracking systems can be highly advantageous to riders at the same time. They use GPS or radio (or both) to show the owner the location of the motorcycle.

That said, they also frequently include handy notification systems. These send an alert via text or email to tell the owner if the bike has been touched. In fact, some even sound an alarm if someone stands too close to the vehicle for too much time.

Still, the most obvious feature – and the main reason it often comes with motorcycle insurance discounts – is in case of theft. Many of these systems provide law enforcement agencies with the ability to track down a stolen bike so it can be retrieved. It’s important to note that this feature is meant for law enforcement. Owners are advised against trying to reclaim a stolen bike from a thief on their own.

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