Motorcycle insurance companies remind riders to protect themselves

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Helmets and leathers can go a long way for safety on the roads.

As the riding season gets into full swing, motorcycle insurance policy carriers are advising enthusiasts and riders to remember that the right protective gear is vital year round, and can reduce injuries or even save a life.

Today’s technologies and designs can keep motorcyclists both safe and cool in hot weather.

It is recommended that riders aim to buy (and wear) the apparel with the best possible fit. The better it fits, the more protection it will provide. Conversely, when it doesn’t fit quite right, it can actually increase the biker’s risk of being involved in an accident due to decreased flexibility of movement, distraction that reduces concentration, or poorer visibility of blind spots.

Some of the top tips from motorcycle insurance companies for choosing the best gear are:

• Though leather apparel is great for protection in the summer while riding, keep some waterproof items with you, as well, so that you can put them on overtop if things turn rainy.

• Any jeans worn should be made of sturdy denim woven with Kevlar to add protection against abrasion.

• Helmets should have a 5-star SHARP rating (in the U.K) and should fit very securely.

• Gloves are one of the most important forms of protection according to motorcycle insurance companies. They should be lightweight but especially padded and protected because if you should fall from the vehicle, you will automatically put your hands out to catch yourself and break your fall.

• Sturdy boots are equally important and should have a sole thickness of at least 4mm. Never wear open toed shoes, sandals, or flip flops when riding. If you should ever have to put your foot down while in motion you need the best possible protection for your feet and ankles.

Failing to wear the right protective clothing is putting your health and your life at severe risk. When you consider that there is summer gear that is now designed to keep you cool, it is not worth it to skip this safety step. It is no longer required for you to wear heavy winter leathers all year round. Motorcycle insurance companies say to invest in the right apparel for the right season to keep yourself safe and make sure that you’ll be riding again tomorrow.


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