Motorcycle helmet sales see healthy growth worldwide

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A new report has shown a global CAGR of more than 6 percent throughout the length of this year.

A recently released report has shown a rise in motorcycle helmet sales this year. In fact, the predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 6 percent. The growth in helmet sales is being driven by the increasing number of head injuries from crashes.

That said, manufacturers are trying to boost the appeal for riders through both function and fashion.

It’s all well and good to offer a motorcycle helmet that provides ideal protection. However, if it is too ugly or embarrassing to wear, riders won’t buy it. Therefore, manufacturers have been seeking to make them stylish at the same time that they work to improve quality. The report suggests the combination of style and quality will be the next big driver in selling helmets for riders.

The recent evolution of the motorcycle helmet has made this safety gear quite trendy over the last while.

motorcycle helmet insurance policiesWhile many regions legally require motorcycle riders to wear helmets, this gear has gone beyond safety. It has now become an important component of biker fashion. The report, titled “Global Motorcycle Helmets market Professional Survey Report 2016” studied worldwide trends in this industry. Its findings indicated that the market will experience a rapidly increasing growth rate over the next few years.

The report identified a number of different types of helmet. Those forms include: full-face, flip-up or modular, open face or ¾ helmet, off road/motocross and half helmet. At the moment, the full-face helmet appears to be the dominant category within this market.

The analysts who compiled this report examined the specifications and classifications of these helmets. They also looked into historical data in combination with current indicators. The result was the forecast of considerable growth in this industry, starting at a rate of 6 percent this year.

The fashion, safety and motorcycle insurance discount advantage of this gear have all played vital roles in boosting sales. Globally, the motorcycle helmet is now being seen as less of a nuisance and more as a natural part of what riders wear.

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