MIT report highlights the importance of cyber insurance for the U.S. energy grid

Cyber Risk InsuranceThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released a new report that highlights the U.S.’s need for a cybersecurity shield. MIT claims that the need for protection is most apparent with the country’s energy grid, which is susceptible to attack as it is governed by a myriad of federal agencies. The report notes that there is no single insurance policy that can accommodate the massive risk inherent with such a large energy infrastructure, but the government should take steps to procure multiple policies that augment one another to ensure safety.

MIT’s report suggests that the energy grid should be protected by a single government agency. This will ensure that there are fewer shortfalls in the protection of the infrastructure. MIT researchers say that this singular federal agency should work closely with the insurance industry in an effort to build better policies that would mitigate any impact from a potential cyber attack. MIT notes in its report that the nation’s energy grid is surprisingly strong and stable, but may be toppled if not protected accordingly.

While the Department of Homeland Security oversees much of the nation’s cybersecurity measures, MIT suggests that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission take over these responsibilities. Given the growing trend of alternative energy throughout the country, the agency is more adequately equipped to deal with potential digital threats that may put the new energy grid at risk.

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