Mississippi insurance commissioner recommends hurricane season preparations

Hurricane season preparations - Hurricane in the Atlantic

The official start may not be until June 1, but Mike Chaney says people should start getting ready now.

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is reminding residents of his state to begin their Atlantic hurricane season preparations now instead of waiting for storms to arrive.

Chaney is also encouraging residents to remember to pack extra pandemic protection in their “Go Bags.”

Part of the Atlantic hurricane season preparations Chaney has recommended this year is to keep in mind that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Therefore, while packing a Go Bag – that is a bag that is already ready with everything needed if you need to leave at a moment’s notice – personal protection equipment should also be included.

This is a new addition to the type of emergency supplies that are usually recommended for one of these bags. All the usual items are also recommended for the bags are still on the list. However, at the moment, it’s also advisable to pack supplies such as an extra bar if soap, hand sanitizer and face masks, among other items.

Some of the Go Bag items to include among hurricane season preparations are the following.

  • Cash – Credit and debit cards require electricity to complete transactions, so if the power is out, cash will be required to make purchases. Keep enough on hand to replenish most-needed supplies.
  • Important documents – If not the originals, photocopies at the very least. This should include birth certificates, passports, social security cards, driver’s licenses, prescriptions for medication, insurance policies and other important documents. Keep these in a waterproof container and keep a digital image stored securely online as well.
  •  Medications – Pharmacies could close, and hospitals may become very busy or may already be overwhelmed due to the pandemic. Pack enough of your necessary medications to cover you for several days.

Evacuation due to a storm will require some added supplies and strategy this year. As a part of your hurricane season preparations this year, make sure you know where you will be able to go, what you should bring with you and what you don’t need to bring. Have a Hurricane season preparations - Hurricane in the Atlanticcommunication plan with your family so everyone knows what to do even if you’re separated. Shelters are preparing to practice social distancing and so should you.

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