Minnesota looks to raise awareness for health insurance exchange

Minnesota Health Insurance

Minnesota Health InsuranceStates continue to face challenges with health insurance exchanges

Several states throughout the U.S. have struggled with confusion concerning the Affordable Care Act. Many claim that the federal government has not provided enough guidance concerning how states are meant to comply with the law, especially with its provisions concerning health insurance exchanges. The Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees enacting the law, suggests that states are meant to determine the best way the law should be implemented for themselves, especially if they accept responsibility for building and operating a health insurance exchange.

Minnesota faces a final daunting barrier

Minnesota is one among several states that has opted to manage its own health insurance exchange. The state has received some guidance from the federal government concerning this endeavor, but much of the planning concerning the initiative has been left up to state officials. Since 2011, Minnesota has been working to establish the governing structure and other aspects of the health insurance exchange and much of this effort has finally allowed an exchange system to take form. Now, the state faces another daunting challenge that must be overcome before the exchange can be considered successful.

Awareness may be key to success

Awareness is, perhaps, one of the most significant challenges facing health insurance exchange initiatives throughout the U.S. States building their own exchanges has been provided with federal funds for their efforts. These funds are meant to cover the costs of the exchange’s formation but will also be used for marketing campaigns. Exactly how to effectively market a health insurance exchange is uncharted territory for most states. Only Massachusetts has extensive experience when it comes to promoting and managing a health insurance exchange, as the state served as an example for the exchange provision of the Affordable Care Act.

State hires advertising agency to tackle awareness issue

Minnesota has hired BBDO Proximity, a leading advertising agency, in order to spread awareness concerning the state’s health insurance exchange, called MNsure. The exchange is scheduled to begin operation in October of this year, so BBDO has a limited amount of time to engage the state’s residents before open enrollment begins. A recent survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests that four in 10 Americans is unaware of what health insurance exchanges are, thus making awareness a monumental hurdle that must be overcome.