Millions of employees find health insurance through exchanges

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Accenture report shows that 8 million employees have acquired coverage for 2016

A new report from Accenture shows that health insurance coverage has become more available for many employees in the United States. The report has found that the number of employees using health insurance exchanges to find coverage reached 8 million for 2016 coverage. This is an increase from the 6 million employees that sought health insurance policies through exchanges for 2015 coverage. Many employers are finding it easier to provide their workers with benefits through insurance exchanges.

Mid-sized companies drive the growth of insurance exchanges in the US

The report from Accenture found that the growth of private health insurance exchanges is being powered by mid-sized companies, with 100 to 2,500 employees. While many employees have opted to acquire coverage through these exchanges, some are still not convinced that the exchanges are a good fit for their needs. Some are concerned with the growing costs associated with health insurance policies, while others are expressing worry that the Affordable Care Act could collapse due to the current political climate.

Employers are looking for ways to adequately provide workers with health insurance coverage

health insurance news care reformEmployers are feeling greater pressure to provide adequate access to health insurance coverage for their workers. The Affordable Care Act requires companies to provide employees with health benefits, and some have opted to provide this coverage through insurance exchanges. For most, exchanges have been a suitable way to find the coverage they need, but some have reported having issues in using the exchanges to acquire health insurance policies.

Affordable Care Act succeeds in expanding access to health insurance, but coverage is becoming more expensive

Millions of consumers throughout the United States have managed to find insurance coverage through exchanges, with most using, the federal exchange network, to do so. This has lead some federal officials to suggest that the Affordable Care Act is an unmitigated success. Critics of the federal health care reform law suggest, however, that the law has lead to higher insurance premiums, which is placing consumers under a greater degree of financial stress.

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