Millions of Americans will keep their health plans subsidies

Obama between two ferns health insurance

A new court ruling has meant that consumers across the United States will keep affordable insurance coverage.

Consumers across the U.S. who had been struggling to be able to afford their health plans will now be able to sigh a breath of relief as a court has ruled that the federal subsidies will be maintained in the states that do not have their own insurance exchanges.

Many were watching the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court with regards to the health care reform subsidies.

The decision made by the top court in the country eased the apprehension that millions of people were feeling with regards to whether they would continue to qualify for tax subsidies for the health plans that they purchased under the Affordable Care Act. If they would not be receiving the subsidies that they had expected, many people felt that they would no longer be able to afford to continue to pay for their health insurance.

The national tax subsidies for the health plans purchased on insurance exchanges has now been upheld.

Obama between two ferns health insuranceThe 6 to 3 ruling was made to keep the health insurance subsidies that are currently being received by about 8.7 million people across the country, in order to ensure that their coverage would remain affordable regardless of where they live. The outcome of the Supreme Court decision is yet another shot in the arm for Obama within a politically charged and high profile test of one of the central achievements of his presidency.

Under the law that first went into effect in 2010, there have been 10.2 million people who have signed up for health insurance, including the vast majority who qualify for an average monthly subsidy of $272, which is meant to help to make certain that the premiums remain affordable. Among those receiving a subsidy, 6.4 million people could potentially have lost that additional financial assistance because they resided in states that had not established their own health insurance exchanges.

Now, those who have purchased their health plans with the help of those subsidies have had a great deal of tension eased as they can be more confident that this safety net will continue.

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