Michigan health insurer rolls out new plan geared for youth

Blue Shield of MichiganBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has unveiled a new insurance plan tailored for young adults, which will cost them less than $100 monthly. Called the Young Adult Blue Max plan, the goal is to provide coverage for those between the ages of 19 and 30. The plan offers medical, dental and vision coverage. Preventative care and services are included in the plan.

The insurer is claiming that their new coverage plan will prove especially beneficial for young adults striking out on their own. Whether they are starting a career or just graduating from college, Blue Cross is determined to offer insurance that will not put them at financial risk. Many are praising the measure, saying that exposing young people to comprehensive health insurance will help prepare them for the future.

Pricing starts at $93.27 monthly, with a $1,000 deductible. The maximum annual out-of-pocket payments from customers are $3,500, according to the insurer.

“This plan offers individuals quality coverage that is expected from Blue Cross Blue Shield,” said Terry Burke, vice president of individual business for the insurer.

Additionally, the insurer is opting to facilitate the product as a paperless endeavor. Participants will enroll online as well as make electronic payments. This is a two-pronged initiative to tackle mounting environmental issues and foster a smoother transition towards an insurance exchange program that will be set up in the state by 2014.

The plan offers a bevy of additional features, information of which will be available via the insurer’s website.

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