Michigan auto insurance comes with the highest premiums in the country

michigan auto insurance

According to a recent report, drivers in this state are paying far more than those in the rest of the U.S.

Drivers in Michigan are not necessarily surprised at the results of an auto insurance data analysis that were recently published by insuranceQuotes.com which revealed that those motorists are the ones paying the highest premiums for their coverage.

The state has a history of far more expensive car insurance than the average for the rest of the country.

According to the statistics released by the firm, drivers in Michigan are paying an average of 136 percent more for auto insurance than the national average, which is currently estimated to be $815 per year. Within that state, the most expensive county was determined to be Wayne County. The statewide average is currently $1,923, and those in Wayne County are paying 45 percent more than that, where the average insurance premiums are $2,789.

Though residents of the state are used to this type of statistic, it is making the best auto insurance coverage cost prohibitive.

Michigan Auto InsuranceFor this very reason, the lawmakers in the state are currently debating a potential no-fault insurance system overhaul. The changes are being fast-tracked through the processes and it is expected that a decision could be made on the Michigan System as soon as this week. The result of this new legislation would be a revamped version of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, but would continue to maintain the unlimited benefits system (one that is unique to the state) in place for individuals who have suffered severe injuries from a crash that cost over $545,000.

Equally, though, the legislation has also called for other caps and limitations. For instance, the home health care provider rates will, should this legislation pass, have a cap of $15 per hour, per family, unless they are actually trained health care professionals. Higher amounts would also be permitted for care that is more specialized.

The house version of the plan differs somewhat from that of the Senate, in that it would require that auto insurance companies decrease their rates by $100 per vehicle for a period of two years.

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