MetLife offers brochures to assist drivers to avoid distraction problems

Car Accident StatisticsMetLife Auto & Home is currently offering brochures to drivers for free in order to help them to avoid some of the most common basic driving problems – specifically those relating to distraction, after texting is being associated with an increase in collisions.

Texting while driving has drawn a great deal of attention over the last few years, as drivers take their eyes from the road and look to their tiny screens and keyboards to communicate with friends, family, and business contacts. Unfortunately, this significant distraction is also being associated with a number of dangerous driving behaviors and has brought about an increase in collisions on America’s roadways.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s most recent statistics have shown that 5,474 people died and 448,000 were injured in 2009 as a result of crashes that resulted from distracted driving such as texting.

According to chief claim officer Mike Convery from MetLife Home & Auto, the effect of distracted driving is rapidly growing and is leading to an increase in property damage and lost lives. He explained that focus is key to being able to drive safely, adding that “Every day, we receive reports of losses that could have been avoided if the basic principles of defensive driving and driver attentiveness been observed.”

The brochure being distributed by MetLife is called “Driven to Distraction” and is a reminder to drivers to regularly ask themselves questions such as the following:

• Are you too tired to drive?
• Are you looking at the road?
• Are you taking all of the steps for safe lane changes?
• Have you been daydreaming?
• Are you concentrating too hard on the radio or seeking the right song on your MP3 player?
• Have you pulled over to make your cell phone call or text message?

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