MetLife Auto & Home supports GM free insurance promotion

 Metlife Auto Insurance

MetLife Auto & Home has announced that it stands by General Motors in its direct marketing agreement to offer new car buyers a year of free auto insurance. 

The promotion gives MetLife Auto the opportunity to increase its brand recognition, which it hopes will then help it to build its force of independent agents. That said, many independent agents have voiced concerns over this deal, which is offered only in Washington state and Oregon.  

The president and chief executive officer of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA), Bob Rusbuldt, has said that his organization feels that this marketing strategy comes with a number of potential legal problems.  

He said that the IIABA has already spoken about the regulatory and licensing issues of this offer with the insurer, as well as having pointed out some significant consumer concerns.  According to Rusbuldt, the insurance company was open to hearing the concerns and is currently taking them under serious consideration. 

That said, as of yet, MetLife Auto intends to continue with the GM promotion, which will run until September 6. 

Spokesperson for the insurer, David Hammarström, said that MetLife Auto & Home is known for its willingness to participate in multi-channel sales, allowing them to present their products to prospective customers at the time that they are most interested in buying them.  

He added that this type of effort boosts the insurer’s brand recognition, which has a positive impact on the company as a whole, as well as the sales force.  Therefore, they will continue with this type of distribution channel.

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