Newly launched Mercury Insurance App boosts customer access and convenience

Mercury insurance app - person using mobile phone

The insurer recently announced a new mobile application for auto policyholder account access.

A new Mercury Insurance app was just launched, making it easier for customers to be able to access their accounts in a convenient way using the platform they prefer most.

The app is available for auto insurance policyholders who want to complete tasks on their smartphones.

The Mercury Insurance app has been long awaited by the company’s customers who have seen other insurers providing mobile tools to their policyholders, but who were required to use web-based, and phone-based tools for their own account access. At the first rollout of the application, only the auto customers are able to use this tool.

“Consumers are accustomed to using mobile apps for everything from shopping and entertainment to banking transactions and bill payment,” stated Mercury Insurance director of customer experience, Lance Thompson. “We wanted to enhance the experience of being a Mercury auto insurance customer by offering a more convenient option for them to access their policy documents, I.D. cards and even pay their bills whenever the need arises.”

All the insurer’s auto policyholders can use the Mercury Insurance app to access their accounts.

The app is available to anyone with an auto policy and a smartphone. The app is free and compatible with recent iOS and Android based devices.

By using the smartphone application, policyholders will be able to complete the following tasks on their smartphones:

  • Secure account login using biometrics (eliminating the requirement for usernames and passwords in favor of security verification features such as fingerprint scanning).
  • Instant digital insurance ID card access.
  • Quick, secure and convenient bill payment.
  • One-button connection to the policyholder’s agent or to another member of the customer service team at the insurance company.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance connection.

The Mercury Insurance app is free for all auto policyholders. It can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store or from the Apple App Store. The insurer is Mercury insurance app - person using mobile phoneconfident that this will be a popular tool among its auto policyholders. There was no immediate word regarding future versions of the application for policyholders with other forms of coverage through the insurer.

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