Medicare quote engine growing to assist agents and brokers

Medicare quote engine growing to assist agents and brokers

HPInsite is happy to announce that they have recently added new geographical areas to their supplemental Medicare quote engine.

Now covering four times the states it did last year, they are hoping to cover all of the United States by this coming March.

Their quote engine is offered to insurance agents, allowing them to offer quotes on their own websites. When a customer submits their information, they can instantly see comparisons of several health plans from a variety of companies. Then, the customer can choose to apply online or request additional information.

If a policy is purchased, the agent gets full credit for the policy purchase.

With their agent-friendly back office features, agents can control their system as well as have access to a system for managing their contacts.

According to President of JHPInsite, Gary Jackson, this system is “absolutely essential” for independent insurance agents and brokers. The use of this engine helps them to stay involved and ahead in the market of today. Many potential customers want to be able to interact with sites they visit, especially concerning insurance policies. This technology allows for interaction. It helps both the agents and the customers.

In addition to the new health care laws, many “baby boomers” are moving into the market for Medicare. In order to have options for customers, many agents are interested in JHP’s technology. The system was designed by the customers, according to Jackson. They told us what they wanted and we designed our system around that.

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