Medical insurance issues in the WWE are placing performances at risk

Goldust WWE medical insurance

The organization has updated its requirements and refusal to undergo random checks could stop talent from performing.

The WWE has recently informed its contract talent that they have changed their requirements for medical insurance to the point that as of February 21, 2016, the organization will begin to conduct random checks alongside the insurers of the talent in order to make certain that all information that has been provided is accurate and up to date.

The requirement for health insurance that is maintained by the talent themselves began back in May 2011.

Any medical issues that result from in-ring occurrences are still to be covered by WWE. However, the performers have been told that their overall health is also a priority, not just the treatment of injuries that could occur if they were hurt on the job. Therefore, WWE and the insurance companies who have issued policies to the talent will be randomly conducting checks to make sure medical insurance policies have been kept completely up to date. Participation in these checks will not be considered to be optional.

The performers will need to go through a medical insurance review to ensure all information is accurate.

Goldust WWE medical insuranceShould the insurance company find that the health insurance policies they have issued are not up to date, the performers will be required to correct it immediately. Should they fail to do so, they may be deemed “unavailable for use” by the insurer or by the WWE. This would effectively keep them at the sidelines and unable to perform until they iron out whatever inaccuracy is present with their health plan.

The WWE provided the performers with advance notice of 60 days in order to ensure that the talent had enough time to check into their health insurance policy details, themselves. That way, in case they had not recently reviewed their coverage information, they will have the chance to do so before they are forced to review it as a result of a random check.

According to the WWE, the goal is to make sure their performers always have the medical insurance they need because their health is a top priority.

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