Massachusetts reaches health insurance enrollment targets ahead of schedule

Massachusetts health Insurance

State manages to procure an extension for the open enrollment period for its exchange

Massachusetts health InsuranceWith the insurance deadline here, Massachusetts officials have announced that the state’s insurance exchange has managed to surpass the enrollment goals of the federal government. Traffic to the state’s insurance exchange was very modest on the last day of the open enrollment period. In other states, consumers flocked to exchanges in order to find coverage, but many found that they could not enroll in these exchanges due to unresolved technical difficulties. Massachusetts currently has the highest percentage of insurance residents in the U.S., but the state has received approval from federal officials that will allow its exchange to continue offering coverage beyond the end of the open enrollment period.

New deadline for enrollment in states exchange set for April 15

The Massachusetts insurance exchange will continue enrolling state residents until April 15. After the new deadline is passed, state residents without insurance coverage will have to rely on the private market. Massachusetts officials sought approval to extend the exchange’s deadline in order to provide those without insurance extra time to enroll into the exchange. The state’s exchange has encountered its own technical difficulties that have made it somewhat difficult for consumers to enroll for coverage. The extended deadline may help resolve this issue.

Massachusetts reports 265,000 enrollees

The state has reported more than 265,000 enrollees under the Affordable Care Act. The federal goal for each state was 250,000 enrollees by the end of the open enrollment period. Approximately 125,000 of these enrollees are currently placed in a transitional insurance program, with 114,000 having signed up for coverage through the state’s Commonwealth Care program. Those in the Commonwealth Care program will be moved to the state’s Medicaid program in the coming months.

State manages to avoid some of the more problematic issues that have crippled other exchanges

Massachusetts has had limited trouble with its insurance exchange. The state has extensive experience in operating an exchange as one has existed in the state for several years. The state’s exchange has served as an example for some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Nonetheless, federal provisions have forced the state’s exchange to comply with certain regulations. Making changes to the exchange has proven to be a complicated task.

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