Massachusetts picks up the pieces after violent tornadoes rip through towns

Massachusetts Tornado 2011Massachusetts is now recuperating from deadly tornadoes that recently wrecked havoc upon residents of 19 small communities in its central and western regions. It was one that caught the state by surprise, leaving many in a state of shock. Although, the city has been used to dealing with snow and extreme colds, residents of Massachusetts where taken off guard with a series of seven deadly twisters.

 At least three people in West Springfield and Brimfield died as a result and over 200 reported injured. While also leaving over 48,000 people without power, in some cases, for days.

State officials declared a state of emergency, Governor Deval Patrick, also called up the National Guardsmen numbering to a thousand to augment in the search and rescue as well as recovery operations.

The governor said they are anticipating the casualty figure to rise at its minimal phase though. Ordering firefighters to conduct door to door inspections of the many households in West Springfield to ensure no one is trapped under the debris.

The storm struck early evening on June 1st, when most workers were on their way home, leaving most to fend for themselves from falling debris from swaying trees, lamp posts and other shaking structure including some buildings and homes.

 Badly affected by the deadly tornadoes were the South and Midwest area of the state where residents are not used to such devastating weather conditions. It was in 2008 when Massachusetts last had experienced with a tornado but it was in May 29, 1995 when it got the lethal one.

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