Man attempts auto insurance fraud an hour after crashing his car

auto insurance fraud - Car Crash

An uninsured California man attempted to purchase a policy an hour after having an accident.

A man from California is on his way to prison after having committed auto insurance fraud an hour after a crash. The man has been convicted and will spend 11 years in jail, according to an Insurance Business Magazine report.

The man was uninsured at the time of the crash but attempted to buy a policy an hour later.

According to prosecutors on the case, the man had an accident in his car, then bought a car insurance policy an hour later. The man, 34 year-old Lamond James, has been convicted of 2 counts of auto insurance fraud. The details were published in a Suisun City Patch report. The charges occurred as a result of a collision that originally took place in August 2015.

Since then, authorities investigated and apprehended James. Back in August 2015, James rear-ended another vehicle while traveling in Fairfield, California. At that time, he was not covered by an insurance policy. An hour later, records show that James paid for auto insurance coverage. After having purchased the coverage, he waited a day before reporting that the collision had occurred, said the report.

The auto insurance fraud became obvious when the other driver’s filing contained different dates.

The driver whose car was struck in the collision with James filed an auto insurance claim with the company. When James discovered that the second claim was made, he contacted her by phone to request that she change the date and time of her filing so that it would occur an hour after it actually occurred. He made the request so that his newly-purchased insurance policy would cover him.

The other driver refused. James visited the other driver’s home to ask her in-person to change the time in her statement. Again, the other driver refused to falsify her statement.

Two years later, Superior Court Judge Carlos Gutierrez, of Solano County, California, ruled to auto insurance fraud - Car Crashsentence James to 11 years of prison time following his 2015 auto insurance fraud conviction and the fact that he had two prior convictions as well. The first had been in 2004 for burglary. The second was in 2014 for possessing a firearm while being a felon.

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