How to Make Your Insurance Company More Accessible

In order to shake the idea that all insurance companies are untrustworthy, hard-to-reach opportunists, you’ll need to do your part to prove to your customer that you are indeed looking out for their best interests. 

Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is to make sure your insurance company is as accessible as it possibly can be. 

From your digital presence to your physical premises and your marketing content, you need to make sure it’s inclusive for it to be effective, and for everyone to benefit from your services. 

If you feel as though you could be doing more to cater for your customers, here are some accessibility tips you might want to think about. 

Introduce Captioning Software

By introducing subtitling software into your everyday processes, you can hopefully boost your accessibility in no time, both inside and out. 

From your virtual meetings to your website’s video content, captioning makes the entire online world a more inclusive and accessible place, benefitting everyone, regardless of their individual ability. 

Make Yourself Available 

If your customer can’t reach you for advice, they might start to doubt your veracity as a competent and caring insurance company. 

Making yourself available is a good way to ensure that your customer is always able to reach out and receive advice should they need it. 

Not only is making yourself available important, but so is working on your customer service skills

Without the charm and empathy needed to get your customer on your side, you may have a hard time growing any kind of loyal base. 

Accessible companies put methods in place to ensure the customer can reach them in a way that suits their personal needs, whether it be via an IM widget on their website, a direct phone line or a contact us form, there should be more than enough avenues for communication available at any given time. 

how to Insurance Company Accessiblity

Update Your Website 

Many of your customers will likely interact with your insurance company for the first time via your website, so making sure that they can do so with ease is a must. 

An accessible website is a joy to use for anyone. It’s often easy to navigate, comprehend and engage with, and its design doesn’t prevent people from benefitting from its content. 

Many content management systems will have accessibility tools already built into their programming, allowing you to chop and change your website with relative ease. 

This isn’t always possible, however, so you may want to enlist the services of a coder who’s worked on digital accessibility makeovers before. 

Offer More Staff Training

People need to trust you if they’re going to put you in charge of insuring their beloved possessions, and if you’re staff aren’t sufficiently trained then a good level of trust may not be achievable. 

Inclusivity, equality and diversity training can help your staff offer the level of sensitive service needed to bolster your efforts in increasing your accessibility across the board. 

The more you can do to make the customer feel comfortable, the better the odds of them sticking around.

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