What To Look Out For When Choosing Luggage Storage In Rome

We’ve all been there – arriving too early for check-in or having hours before a flight but still wanting to make the most of the fascinating sites in Rome. Babysitting your luggage or dragging it along with you takes away from your experience. Not to mention, most Rome attractions, such as open-air archaeological sites or places of worship, don’t have luggage storage options. 

Luckily there are solutions for luggage storage during your travels. To make sure you are getting the best deal for your needs, here are…

7 things to look out for when choosing luggage storage in Rome. 

Luggage Storage in Rome

1. Availability 

Rome is a popular tourist destination, with over 5 million overnight stays in Roman hotels in 2020 during the pandemic. There’s no surprise that luggage storage demand in the city is also very high and will rise as travel bans open up. Additionally, some attractions have no storage options or prohibit entry with large bags. This includes if you want to visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, or Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

By booking in advance with a storage service like Stasher, you can ensure you will have an available and convenient option for your luggage. You’ll be connected to a network of hundreds of local hotels and businesses with luggage storage space. Most of the StashPoints are also open late or 24/7. Knowing you’ll have storage available is much better than showing up to a transport hub or attraction and hoping for the best.

2. Price

Of course, price is an important factor when selecting a luggage storage option. You don’t want any hidden fees, outrageous prices, or low security. Online booking services like Stasher offer an optimal sweet spot of affordability and quality. It’s only €6 per day and €5 per additional day to store your luggage in Rome.

3. Location 

Location is key! The last thing you want is your luggage stored on the other side of Rome and needing to travel to drop it off or pick it up. When traveling with luggage, the convenience of nearby locations can considerably improve your experience. 

Online booking platforms like Stasher have StashPoints near all major transport hubs in Rome as well as main attraction points. For example, instead of fighting the crowds at the busiest train station in the capital, Roma Termini, simply book a luggage storage point nearby, and you’re all set! There are also storage options near main attractions, such as The Colosseum and Vatican Museums

4. Safety 

Your luggage carries your valuables, so safety must be considered. While Rome is generally safe, it still ranks 7th in the highest crime rates among Italian cities. Public storage locations with no one watching your luggage can be more vulnerable than locations prioritizing safety. For example, all StashPoints are vetted for security and store your luggage in locked areas that only employees and business staff have access to. 

5. Insurance

The best storage locations will also offer adequate insurance coverage to provide that added safety net against unexpected incidents. You won’t find insurance coverage at transport hub storage facilities or rooms at attractions. However, booking with an online platform like Stasher includes insurance of up to €1,000 per item so you can have that extra peace of mind. 

6. Size Options

Showing up to a storage facility and finding out your luggage is just slightly too large to be stored is a sure way to ruin your travel plans. Make sure the luggage storage option you book or plan to use accommodates all sizes and shapes. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to find a new location that does. 

With Stasher’s luggage storage network, there’s no size restriction. You can even store odd-sized items, such as skiing equipment, musical instrument cases, or bikes. Whatever you don’t want to lug around with you as you explore the city, store it! 

7. Customer Service 

When traveling, quality service can make a big difference. In contrast, automatic locker services can be unpredictable with availability and also lack a human touch. Utilizing a highly-reviewed online booking service gives you the added benefit of positive human interactions, including questions answered during booking and having a warm greeting when you drop off your bags.

Get ready for your next adventure! Find luggage storage options in Rome today at Stasher.com.

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