Long term care insurance commission offers advice to Americans

Long Term Care Insurance Industry

At the same time that they provided these recommendations, they didn’t offer advice for paying the premiums.

The recommendations of a commission that was created by Congress in order to help to address the rapidly growing need for long term care insurance coverage have now been released with an important detail lacking from the advice.

No consensus could be found regarding the way that these pricey services will be paid for.

The proposals were an element of a bipartisan supported long term care insurance report from nine out of the total of fifteen commissioners. Among those nine were four Democrats and five Republicans. The proposals received a rejection by a bipartisan minority, including one Republican and five Democrats.

Long Term Care Insurance IndustryOnly the first elements of the long term care insurance report were released, with the rest expected soon.

It is believed that the remainder of the long term care insurance report will be released this week, as only a three page summary of the recommendations has been issued, so far. Among the proposals that have been made so far is a call for the support of criminal background checks among workers in the industry. Also recommended was an effort to make sure that family caregivers are included in the care planning process.

The report advised that technology be used for long term care insurance and services in order to make sure that a larger amount of information is available. It also sought to revise the scope of the rules of practice so that nurses and others will be able to provide medical services, and to boost the opportunities and working conditions for workers who provide direct care.

At the same time, there was nothing recommended regarding a program that would assist families in actually paying for long term care insurance policies or services. At the same time, it did recommend that the current options be improved, that disabled workers be permitted to qualify for Medicaid so that those programs can assist them in being able to obtain the services that they require so that they can continue to work. Another recommendation was that the requirement by Medicare that states that beneficiaries must spend three days admitted in the hospital in order to qualify for nursing home coverage be removed.

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