Local Search SEO for Agents Part 5: How to Reader Optimize Your Insurance News

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It’s time to discover how to make sure your customers are interested enough to click and read.

Knowing how to reader optimize your local insurance news articles will help you to know that your target readers will be interested in what you have to say. Last week, in Part 4, you learned local SEO basics, to appeal to search engines. Now that your articles are in front of your reader, you need to get them to click, read, and come back for more!

In essence, you need to make sure your articles are good enough to create a following.

This is easily one of the most important parts of your overall local search SEO strategy. It’s all well and good to create content and search engine optimize it to make sure Google will place it in front of your target audience. However, if it’s not appealing enough for a person to click and if it’s not relevant enough for them to continue reading, then you’re not reaching your goal.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to boost the appeal of everything you write. Moreover, there are several tactics you can use to help to make sure that once you have a reader’s attention, they will see more of what you write. These straightforward steps to reader optimize what you write will help you to know that after everything you’ve done to put your content in front of your customers, they’ll be interested enough to have a look and to come back for more.

Use the following steps to reader optimize your local insurance news articles for top appeal.

  • Make a good first impression – Your title and the picture/image you use to feature your article comprise your entire first impression. These are what decide whether someone will click to read more if your local insurance news article is shared on social media, other sites, or even via messenger from one individual to another.
    Avoid the urge to use “clickbait” tactics. Don’t USE ALL CAPS in your title or use scare/shock words to try to get people to click. After all, that’s not how you want to be seen as an insurance agent. That’s not the reputation you want or impression you want to make. Instead, use brief, interesting and – most importantly – relevant titles. Answer the reader’s question “why should I click?”
  • Make a good second impression – Once someone clicks to read more, you need to convince them right away that it’s a good idea to stick around. A catchy sub-heading and straight-to-the-point opening paragraph will capture attention to encourage them to keep reading.
  • Make everything available at a glance – Remember that more than half of your audience is looking at your article on a phone screen. Giant block paragraphs read poorly on those devices. Instead, break things up. Use short paragraphs, add sub-headings along the way to introduce new topics and keep the rhythm flowing. Add bullet points when you can, instead of listing within sentences and paragraphs.
  • Make it easy to get more content – One of the best things you can do to reader optimize your content is to make it simple to obtain more content! This can mean offering a weekly/monthly newsletter with a digest of all the local insurance news articles you posted within that period of time. It can also include reminders to follow, like, and subscribe to you on social media, where you’ll share what you have written. That way, your audience will automatically see more of what you have to say.
  • Make regular posts – The most vital step to reader optimize your site, blog, or even social media is to keep it alive. Post regularly. This may mean once per week at the start, but over time you’ll discover how much local insurance news is enough. After all, if you’re not giving people something to read, there’s nothing for your customers to connect with and relate to. If you find that keeping up with the content is too much, hire an experienced and affordable online news writer to write for you or to supplement what you’re already posting.

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