Local Search SEO for Agents Part 1: Why use local insurance news to increase your visibility?

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All too many agents are missing the opportunity from this straightforward online marketing technique.

Local insurance news is a simple and highly affordable way to increase an agent’s visibility to consumers in their specific geographic locations. At the same time, if you are like most agents, the odds are that you’re not yet using it, or you’re not using it to its fullest capacity.

It uses the potential of local search SEO to work with Google’s algorithms and boost exposure.

Keeping a steady stream of local insurance news on your website, blog, quality industry news sites and, as a next step, on your social media, you provide your online presence with a substantial advantage. As an agent, you know the importance of visibility within your community. You’re also aware of how vital it is to keep up an active online and social media presence in order to achieve and maintain that visibility.

Throughout the coming weeks, this 5-part weekly series will help to show you precisely how you can share a combination of your own announcements and headlines relevant to consumers – and potential customers – in your community to ensure you’re the first agent they contact. It will deconstruct local search engine optimization (SEO) to show you how affordable and efficient it can be as a component of your insurance marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of local insurance news to your business and marketing effectiveness?

Consider the following benefits of local SEO for your insurance marketing strategy using relevant news stories.

  • Highly affordable – If you have a polished writing skill, it can be created for free. Alternately, an affordable online news writer experienced in the insurance industry can do it for you.
  • Improved organic search results – Google loves geographically-focused content, particularly when it is kept fresh. The more valuable content you add to your site, the better your search results will be for your target market. This will reduce – or even eliminate – your need to pay for search engine visibility.
  • Improved Google Maps results – Just as your search results ranking will organically improve, so will your results for relevant searches on Google Maps, since your online presence is active and locally specific. This can keep your visibility a step ahead of your competitors.
  • Creating a following – When you’re continually posting relevant information on your site and/or an insurance news site and sharing it on your social media, you will build a following and naturally keep yourself visible to current and potential customers.
  • Learning about your target market – The more draw you have to your site and social media presence, the more data you can collect to learn about what among the topics you share interests them the most. This can help you to further fine tune not only your news sharing strategy but also your marketing efforts as a whole.
  • Building a reputation as a local expert – As you boost your visibility, local consumers will become familiar with your name and will come to see you as a local insurance agent expert. When it comes time to contact an agent, you’ll be the natural choice.
  • Benefiting where the competition is missing out – Since so many agents are missing out on the potential of local insurance news as a part of their SEO and marketing strategies, this is a tremendous opportunity to quickly and easily stand out.

Don’t miss Local Search SEO for Agents Part 2: How to Get Started in Local Insurance News, which will be published next Monday. You’ll learn about the tools, resources, and services you can use to get started, and how they’re far easier, less complicated and cheaper than you think. Bookmark this site, Local insurance news - Person using laptopfollow us on our social media, or – easiest of all – use the “Get More Stuff” form below to sign up for our completely spam-free mailing list, including a newsletter that will contain each part of this local insurance news series.

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