USAA and Human API collaborate on new life insurance shopping experience

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The insurer announced that it would be working with the health data platform to change the buying process.

USAA Life Insurance Company has announced that it will be partnering with Human API to take its next step forward in the experience it provides consumers seeking coverage.

The insurer and health data platform will come together to recreate the policy shopping process.

The new collaboration will bring together the USAA Life insurance experience with digital health data and the health data platform from Human API. The goal is to use the technology combination to improve the shopping and policy buying process for consumers, so that they will be offering an unmatched experience to their members.

The insurer will keep up its expansion of the use of digital health data within the policy underwriting process throughout its Human API Health Intelligence Platform implementation. This will include that company’s extensive patient portal network, APS retrieval services, and HIPAA-authorized networks, all of which are powered by the smart order orchestration from Human API.

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The goal is to use this technology combination for faster and easier life insurance coverage shopping.

The Human API platform brings together more than 30,000 data sources in the United States. This includes HIEs, EHR networks, provider networks and others. In this way, it provides broad digital health data access for more than 13 million USAA members. By placing a priority on digital health data, it makes possible for the USAA member experience to improve, while assisting members in finding the coverage they need with greater ease and speed.

The proprietary data normalization engine from Human API broadens the utility of digital health data, provides profound data insights, and unlocks additional opportunities by way of the data asset’s development

This aligns with the USAA Life Insurance strategy to move ahead toward automated underwriting. This partnership is a step that brings them forward in that direction.

“Human API’s platform further expands our ability to provide our members the best experience buying life insurance,” said the insurer’s senior vice president and general manager of life insurance Chris Flint. “We were the first company to use digital health data and are continually looking for ways to improve our processes—including increasing the percentage of medical records we can receive digitally, which cuts down on the time that it takes to get life insurance coverage.”

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