Life insurance is now cheaper for vegetarians

India life insurance

A diet that no longer contains meat can now help to reduce the price for some people’s policies.

A life insurance company from the United Kingdom has recently announced that it has created a special policy that is meant to reward vegetarians for their healthy lifestyle choices through lower premiums.

These policies are being offered to consumers in the UK, and India is hoping to be included, as vegetarianism is common.

The reasoning behind these vegetarian life insurance policies is that people who live this lifestyle tend to make healthier choices and, therefore, live longer. Therefore, the insurer feels that vegetarians are a more attractive coverage risk and are providing discounts to reflect that. According to Anuradha Sawhney, former India chief of PETA and a vegetarian activist, “This new policy is positive and quite right in their findings. Vegetarians and vegans are proven to be healthier and live longer, fitter lives.”

India life insuranceProviding life insurance to vegetarians is less costly to insurers as this lifestyle reduces many health risks.

Sawhney explained that ninety percent of the diseases from which people suffer are a result of their lifestyles, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and others. “It all reflects on what an individual eats.”

The life insurance policies for vegetarians have also been applauded by dietician Pooja Makhija, who explained that by eating healthy foods and consuming in moderation, better overall health and wellbeing can be achieved. Makhija pointed out that maintaining an all vegetarian diet is common in India, unlike in the West, where it is more rare and far less commonplace.

The life insurance companies are saying that they are going to pay attention to the success of this initial program and watch the claims that are submitted in order to determine whether or not it appears to be a worthwhile offering. Insurance agent Amith Deshpande explained that the introduction of this type of policy into the Indian marketplace would not necessarily mean that every vegetarian will obtain a discount. Deshpande explained that additional information about the individuals – and research into their lifestyles to ensure that they are wholly vegetarian – would be required.

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